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Exploring Different Ways to Style Dhoti for Men


In the rich tapestry of traditional Indian clothing, the dhoti stands out as a timeless garment that exudes grace and cultural heritage. At Woodloom, our commitment to celebrating diverse styles is reflected in our curated collection of men’s clothing. In this blog, we delve into the various ways to style dhoti for men, bringing forth a fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion.

Various Dhoti Styling Ideas

1. Readymade Dhoti

For those seeking convenience without compromising on style, our collection includes readymade dhotis. These are perfect for occasions when time is of the essence, offering a quick and elegant solution for your wardrobe.

2. Dhoti and Short Kurta

Combine tradition with a modern twist by pairing your dhoti with a short kurta. This fusion creates a relaxed and contemporary look, making it suitable for casual gatherings or festive occasions.

3. Veshti and Shirt

Embrace South Indian charm by donning the veshti with a crisp shirt. This combination is a perfect blend of tradition and sophistication, suitable for weddings or cultural events.

4. The Pant Style Drape with Kurta

Explore the fusion of styles by draping your dhoti in a pant-style with a kurta. This unique approach adds a touch of modernity to your traditional ensemble, making it versatile for various occasions.

5. Panchakacham Drape

Dress to impress with the Panchakacham drape. This style is characterized by its elaborate wrapping and pleating, creating a regal look that is perfect for special ceremonies and celebrations.

6. Dhoti with Jodhpuri Jacket

Infuse a royal touch to your ensemble by pairing your dhoti with a Jodhpuri jacket. This combination seamlessly marries North and South Indian aesthetics, making it a standout choice for weddings and grand events.

7. Dhoti Pant and Tuxedo

For a contemporary take on formal wear, consider pairing dhoti pants with a tuxedo. This avant-garde fusion is a bold statement that reflects your distinctive style at high-profile events.

Men’s Dhoti Online

Explore Woodloom’s extensive range of men’s dhotis online, where tradition meets innovation. Our online platform ensures a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to browse and choose from the comfort of your home.

Drape yourself in the cultural richness of handloom Kasavu mundu. This traditional Kerala style adds an authentic touch to your attire, making it a must-have for cultural celebrations and ceremonies.

At Woodloom, we believe in celebrating the rich heritage of Indian clothing while embracing contemporary styles. The dhoti, with its timeless charm, serves as a canvas for fashion experimentation. From traditional drapes to modern fusions, our collection offers a spectrum of choices to elevate your style. Explore the various ways to wear dhoti for men and make a lasting impression at every occasion. Visit our online store to discover the perfect dhoti ensemble that resonates with your unique personality.