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Exploring Diversity of Handlooms in India


In the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, the art of handloom weaving stands out as a testament to the country’s rich heritage. Woodloom, the trailblazing e-commerce clothing company, takes pride in celebrating the diverse handloom traditions that have flourished across the nation. Join us on a journey through the intricate threads of Indian handlooms, as we explore the craftsmanship and cultural significance of each unique weave. This guide explores Handlooms in India highlighting their artistic and cultural significance, highlighting the unique craftsmanship and heritage of each region.

Handloom Traditions

India’s handloom traditions are as diverse as its geography, each state weaving its own narrative through distinct techniques, motifs, and materials. At Woodloom, we believe in preserving and promoting these age-old traditions, connecting you with the heart and soul of Indian craftsmanship.

Indian Handlooms: A Glimpse into the Masterpieces

1. Maharashtra: Paithani

Known for its vibrant colors and peacock motifs, Paithani sarees from Maharashtra are a true symbol of elegance and tradition. Woodloom brings you the essence of Maharashtra’s handloom legacy through our curated collection of Paithani sarees.

2. Gujarat: Bandhani

The tie-and-dye technique of Bandhani creates mesmerizing patterns on fabrics. Woodloom’s Bandhani collection showcases the artistry of Gujarat, offering you a unique blend of tradition and contemporary style.

3. Goa: Kunbi

The Kunbi saree from Goa reflects the state’s vibrant culture. Woodloom celebrates the simplicity and grace of Kunbi handlooms, bringing you the charm of Goa’s traditional weaves.

4. Assam: Muga Silk

Assam’s Muga Silk, renowned for its golden hue, is a symbol of luxury and resilience. Woodloom embraces the allure of Muga Silk, offering you a chance to experience the regal elegance of Assamese handlooms.

5. Himachal Pradesh: Kullu Shawls

The intricate patterns of Kullu Shawls from Himachal Pradesh tell stories of the majestic mountains. Woodloom’s Kullu Shawl collection encapsulates the warmth and beauty of Himachali handlooms.

6. Karnataka: Mysore Silk

Mysore Silk, with its smooth texture and vibrant colors, is a testament to Karnataka’s weaving prowess. Woodloom’s Mysore Silk sarees showcase the finesse and opulence of this traditional craft.

7. Andhra Pradesh: Kalamkari

The art of hand-painting on fabric, known as Kalamkari, is a centuries-old tradition in Andhra Pradesh. Woodloom’s Kalamkari collection brings you the beauty and storytelling of this ancient craft.

8. Telangana: Pochampalli Ikat

Pochampalli Ikat from Telangana is celebrated for its bold patterns and vibrant colors. Woodloom introduces you to the world of Pochampalli sarees, where every piece is a work of art.

9. Madhya Pradesh: Chanderi

Chanderi fabric from Madhya Pradesh is known for its sheer texture and delicate zari work. Woodloom’s Chanderi collection exudes grace and sophistication, representing the timeless beauty of Central India.

10. Rajasthan: Shisha

Shisha embroidery, a traditional craft of Rajasthan, adds sparkle to fabrics with small mirrors. Woodloom’s Shisha collection reflects the royal grandeur and exquisite detailing of Rajasthani handlooms.

11. Tamil Nadu: Kanjeevaram

Kanjeevaram silk sarees from Tamil Nadu are synonymous with luxury and tradition. Woodloom’s Kanjeevaram collection showcases the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of South Indian handlooms.

12. Kerala: Kasavu

Kerala Kasavu sarees and Kerala Kasavu mundu , with their golden borders, represent the purity and simplicity of the state. Woodloom’s Kasavu collection brings the essence of Kerala’s handloom tradition to your wardrobe.

13. Bihar: Bhagalpuri Silk

Bhagalpuri Silk from Bihar is renowned for its natural sheen and durability. Woodloom’s Bhagalpuri Silk collection combines tradition with contemporary design, offering you a touch of Bihar’s textile legacy.

14. Punjab: Phulkari

Phulkari embroidery from Punjab is a riot of colors and floral patterns. Woodloom’s Phulkari collection pays homage to the vibrant culture and craftsmanship of Punjab’s handlooms.

15. Uttar Pradesh: Chikankari

Chikankari embroidery from Uttar Pradesh is a delicate and intricate craft. Woodloom’s Chikankari collection embodies the grace and femininity of this traditional art form.


At Woodloom, we believe in more than just selling clothing; we are storytellers, weaving tales of tradition and craftsmanship. By bringing you the finest handloom creations from across India, we hope to not only enhance your wardrobe but also connect you with the cultural heritage that makes each piece unique. Join us in celebrating the exquisite handlooms of India and let Woodloom be your gateway to a world of timeless elegance and artistry.