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types of handloom fabrics

Exploring the Types of Handloom Fabrics


In the vibrant world of textiles, handloom fabrics stand as a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless tradition. Woodloom, an esteemed e-commerce clothing company, takes pride in curating a collection that celebrates the diversity and artistry of handloom fabrics. In this blog post, we will delve into the various types of handloom fabrics offered by Woodloom, shedding light on their unique characteristics and the advantages they bring to the world of fashion.

Advantages of Handloom Fabrics

Before we embark on the journey through the intricate world of handloom fabrics, let’s pause to appreciate the numerous advantages they offer. Handloom fabrics are not just textiles; they are a labor of love, skill, and tradition. These fabrics boast durability, breathability, and a distinct texture that sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives. Handloom fabrics are not just a choice; they are an experience, connecting the wearer to the rich heritage of craftsmanship.

Types of Handloom Fabrics

1. Banarasi Brocade

Known for its opulence and intricate patterns, Banarasi brocade is a luxurious handloom fabric that originated in Varanasi, India. Woodloom brings forth a stunning collection of Banarasi brocade sarees and garments, each piece telling a story of tradition and elegance.

2. Endek

Hailing from Bali, Indonesia, Endek is a handwoven textile characterized by its intricate geometric patterns. Woodloom showcases the beauty of Endek in their collection, offering clothing that seamlessly blends cultural heritage with modern aesthetics.

3. Mudmee Silk:

Originating from Thailand, Mudmee silk is renowned for its tie-dye technique and vibrant colors. Woodloom’s Mudmee silk garments not only embody the essence of Thai craftsmanship but also provide a unique and stylish addition to any wardrobe.

4. Patola & Pochampally

Patola, a double ikat silk textile from Gujarat, and Pochampally, an ikat style from Telangana, India, are celebrated handloom fabrics available at Woodloom. These fabrics boast complex weaving techniques, resulting in mesmerizing patterns that make each piece a work of art.

5. Silk Handloom

Woodloom’s collection of silk handloom fabrics transcends borders, featuring silk textiles from various regions. The luxurious feel and sheen of silk, combined with the artistry of handloom weaving, result in garments that exude grace and sophistication.

6. Khadi Fabric

A symbol of India’s independence movement, Khadi fabric holds a special place in the heart of Indian textiles. Woodloom offers a range of Khadi garments, promoting sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

7. Pochampally

Apart from its association with ikat, Pochampally is also known for its distinct handwoven silk and cotton fabrics. Woodloom’s Pochampally collection showcases the finesse of Pochampally weavers, creating pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage.

Beyond specific fabric types, Woodloom curates a diverse range of handloom textiles, each telling a unique story through its weave. From cotton to silk, the handloom textiles in their collection showcase the versatility of traditional craftsmanship.

8. Chikankari Handloom

Chikankari, an exquisite embroidery technique from Lucknow, India, meets the finesse of handloom fabrics in Woodloom’s collection. The result is a range of clothing that embodies elegance and the skilled craftsmanship of Chikankari artisans.


In a world that often values mass production, Woodloom stands as a beacon for those who appreciate the artistry and tradition of handloom fabrics. The types of handloom fabrics offered by Woodloom showcase not only the diversity of textiles but also the dedication to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of craftsmanship. As you explore Woodloom’s collection, you embark on a journey through cultures, traditions, and timeless beauty, wrapped in the embrace of handloom fabrics.